Free Spotify Recorder 2021

Quietly record any song from Spotify.

Simply enter a track url and Spotify Recorder does the rest.

Read Me.txt:

  1. Unzip all the files out of the zip
  2. Set spotify recorder to run as admin in the compability tab
  3. Create a second spotify account and use that login in the bot settings
  4. Copy a song link and paste it in to start recording


How does it work?
It runs a copy of google chrome and automates it to visit spotify’s web player and record the music

What does “Hide Browser” do?
It hides the google chrome browser and selenium while its recording the song

What is the difference between “Browser Recorder” and “Windows Recorder”?
Browser recorder records the song as a chrome extension.

Its muted in the background

Can sound choppy or stutter if you have a slow computer or are using a lot of CPU in other processes

Windows Recorder records the song through your default audio device

No stuttering

You have to hear the song
Other sounds can be recorded. It tries to mute all other processes before recording, but if a new application starts and plays a sound like a notification, music, video, etc.
It will get caught in the recording.

Pick whichever suits you best.

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